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Why you should consider the Mediterranean diet
Learn the benefits of the Mediterranean diet.
5 health improvements you can make today that will pay off for a lifetime
Learn how you can make life-altering healthy lifestyle choices today.
Bon appetit: The top 10 restaurant trends for 2015
What does your snacking say about you? [Infographic]
How do your snacking habits compare to people across the country?
The real reason we entertain
Keep party planning simple with easy dishes and decorations.
Millions of Americans would give up Facebook for Christmas sweets [Infographic]
How do sweets define your holiday season?
How to enjoy your holiday without the stress
High expectations paint the holidays as a time of fun and joy, and when people don't feel this way they then feel even worse because they somehow aren't living up to an idyllic portrait of the season.
Tips for cafe-quality coffee without leaving your kitchen
4 small diet changes that can make a big difference
Small diet changes can make a big difference in helpying you achieve your New Year's health resolutions.
5 nutrition myths you won't believe are false
Before you let a media report determine what you eat, learn some things to consider.
What parents feed baby can have long-term impact
Learn some tips to ensure your children are eating healthy.
Heat or spice: The complex flavors of chili peppers explained [Infographic]
Interested in learning more about chili peppers, let this infographic tantalize your taste buds.
Simple tips to create the perfect holiday cheese platter [Infographic]
Think outside the box this holiday season and share a delectable cheese platter with friends and family at your next festive gathering.
Holiday tech tips
Have you ever found yourself wondering if it was appropriate to check your work email during a holiday party?
5 quick, easy and delicious ways to entertain with olives
Easily impress with delicious, seasonally inspired flavors this holiday
Find some amazing seasonal flavors to share with your friends.
Let's connect over coffee [Infographic]
Who would you share a cup of coffee with?
Did you know cranberries were once called sassamanash - and other fun facts [Infographic]
Can you say, "pass the sassamanash sauce?" Perhaps it's easier to just say, "pass the cranberry sauce" instead! Here are some fun cranberry facts to digest this holiday season.
Simple tips to help pancreatic cancer patients eat well
For people with pancreatic cancer, daily meal-planning comes with particular challenges, such as ensuring they get enough nutrition.
Find the perfect wine based on personality [Infographic]
Every wine variety has its own personality, and learning those personality traits can help you to choose the right wine as a host or hostess gift this holiday season.
Be a super shopper: where to splurge and save at the grocery store
Learn these tips to get the most for your buck at the grocery store.
The perfect recipes for the season's top events
Sweeteners 101: Your guide to baking with sweeteners this holiday season
With so many sweeteners on the market today, it's hard to know what to buy. Here's a guide.
5 not-so-surprising seafood facts (that your mom already knew)
Turns out mom was on to something when she told you to eat fish. Here are five things you might not have known (but she did).
Fail-safe tricks for creating the perfect cheese platter
A scrumptious cheese platter is guaranteed to tempt everyone's palate and be the perfect conversation starter at your next holiday gathering.
How to make sure cleaning up isn't your only holiday activity
Learn how to make your holiday cleaning easier this season.
Last-minute entertaining tricks for unexpected guests
For even the most unanticipated of visitors, it is wise to always be ready to share the season's cheer with a nice hot cup of coffee, freshly-baked cookies and a welcoming home.
A great reason to warm up to frozen meals [Infographic]
The search for a tasty and more satisfying meal is over.
Now's the time for peppermint [Infographic]
Looking for the perfect holiday flavor? Find out why it's peppermint.
The only secret you need to know for successful holiday meal planning
Know where to save time and where to invest more to create a successful holiday feast.
Keep your home comfortable for the holidays
Guests coming for the holidays? Find out how to keep everyone comfortable.
The importance of maintaining family traditions through the holidays
Holiday celebrations are a time of fun, family and food. Making each holiday a special occasion are the family traditions that are passed down and evolve each year.
Meal-planning hacks to help you dine fast and healthy
A few simple meal hacks can help you dine quickly and keep meals healthy.
The recipe of holiday tradition [Infographic]
Every family has their secret recipes, learn more about how they are passed down from one generation to the next.
Have food allergies? Top tips for dining out and cooking at home
Does your holiday menu allow for food allergies?
Expert tips to curb food cravings during times of stress
Tips to curb your craving to overeat during times of stress.
Give holiday dishes a flavorful twist with gourmet cheese
Adding cheese to traditional holiday dishes creates flavorful excitement.
The key to an easy, stress-free and great Thanksgiving: a to-go feast
Holiday takeout can be a time-saving, fuss-free and low-labor way to have a great meal without spending a lot of time in the kitchen.
FDA's message to moms: Eat more seafood
The nutrients in seafood are vital to the brain development of young children, even during pregnancy.
Timely, budget-friendly solutions for getting your house ready for the holidays
With entertaining season approaching at warp speed, it's time to get your home spruced up and looking like new.
The nation's No. 1 cookie flavor celebrates 75 years [Infographic]
The chocolate chip cookie turns 75 this year, and has evolved over the years from when it was first invented by Ruth Wakefield in Whitman, Massachusetts.
Help prevent and manage diabetes with an active and healthy lifestyle
Pumpkin is the flavor of the season [Infographic]
Pumpkin is the flavor of the season and there are so many ways to think about it outside of pie.
Clever holiday entertaining shortcuts big on taste, low on stress
If you're dreading the holiday season because it feels like entertaining is so much work, these tips will help you make this holiday season and beyond a breeze.
Inspiration for a simple and delicious Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is all about abundance. It's a time when Americans pull out the stops to celebrate everything they have to be thankful for with a big, delicious meal that will leave everyone at the table saying "Wow!"
American couples suffering from a serious dating problem [Infographic]
American couples are struggling when it comes to dating, and the biggest problem is they are forgetting to plan a date night.
More reasons to skip the drive-thru and opt for a frozen meal [Infographic]
Need a healthy meal without resorting to the drive-thru? Research shows those who dined on frozen meals consumed fewer calories and more nutrients than fast-food diners.
Tempting and healthy holiday treats
The holiday season is a fun and festive time. It's also a time when many people take a timeout from their daily routine to enjoy those tempting treats at family gatherings and office parties.
A cut above the rest: How to make the perfect holiday cookie
Do you know how to make the perfect holiday cookie?
7 tips for scoring a tailgating touchdown
7 ways to have a spooktacular Halloween with olives
Try these Halloween treats for a scary good time.
How to protect your pet from the obesity epidemic
While the obesity is well-recognized among the public, many don't realize there is a second obesity epidemic occurring simultaneously - a pet obesity epidemic, which is even more severe.
Is fresher always better? 4 ways to know your produce
When it comes to choosing produce, the catch words are "local" and "seasonal." These words, like fresh and organic, can have several different meanings. Here are tips to help you make the best choices.
5 affordable entertaining ideas guaranteed to impress at holiday parties
This year, take your holiday party to the next level to truly impress your guests - without breaking the bank.
New ideas to bring your Halloween decor back from the dead
Enjoy healthier comfort foods while keeping the comfort
This holiday season, give your family the world - without breaking the bank
Many authentic holiday traditions are just a grocery-store-trip away - and you may discover a new family favorite from a faraway land.
Simple twists to enhance classic Thanksgiving fare
This year, delight guests by making the classic Thanksgiving foods they love but with a few simple twists that will leave taste buds dancing.
Kids choose at one of country's largest restaurants: the school cafeteria
Children are taught math, science, English and history at school. And every day at lunch they learn another important lesson: how to make independent nutrition choices.
Up your game: tips for tailgating
Try these food and beverage strategies for winning game-day entertaining.
How to be host or hostess with the most(est) with these delicious seasonal recipes
Delight your guests this season with these amazing recipes.
8 Halloween hacks for throwing ghoulishly memorable parties
This year, make your party a spooktacular delight without spending much time or effort, thanks to a few smart entertaining tricks.
Grape idea! One simple ingredient boosts nutrition and reinvents meals
Incorporating grapes into dishes is a great way to add flavor and nutrients.
Fabulous fall fare for families
Celebrate the season with these five amazing recipes.
Think outside the pie tin: 3 surprising ways to savor pumpkin this fall
Pumpkin is one of fall's best-loved flavors, and you can find many creative ways to enjoy it this season.
15 fresh and fabulous potato salads for fall
Do-it-yourself tricks and treats for Halloween party hosts
Decorating for an All Hallows' Eve monster bash can be frightful ... for hosts. From the invitations and decor to the entertainment and favors, it can be quite an undertaking.
Six mouthwatering ways to enjoy pumpkin this fall
Make your fall delicious with these amazing menu ideas.
Gardeners prefer growing foods like fruits or veggies to flowers [Infographic]
In surveying gardeners nationwide, it was found that having a green thumb is more than just a pastime - it has sparked a trend in fresh garden-to-table meals at home.
Dare to pair: food and wine pairings for game day
Creative food and wine pairings can step up your game day fare.
Take a trip around the world without leaving the kitchen
Exploring the cuisines of different cultures is easier than ever. With a few tips, you can take a culinary world tour in your own kitchen.
Bring your family together with a fun, yet simple football-watching party
Football season has arrived, and it's time to get started planning those football-watching parties so you can root the home team toward victory and post-season success.
Favorite fall flavors and activities guaranteed to enhance your autumn
From favorite fall flavors to awesome autumn activities, everyone has something to look forward to as the season changes. So what types of things are high on Americans' to-do lists this year?
Fall in love with a trip to the Lone Star State
Learn what amazing experiences await you in Texas.
Essential ingredients for superb soup [Infographic]
The secret to great soup is the power of seasonings and broth powders that create unforgettable flavor.
Improve your entire day with these easy breakfast ideas
A better breakfast may be the simple secret to shedding weight and keeping it off. Here are quick breakfast ideas that can help.
Boost kids' nutrition with tips on creating a balanced plate
Parents looking to improve kids' nutrition can achieve better balance with some meal makeover tips.
Swapping ingredients and habits for healthier living
When it comes to cooking, you're always on the lookout for new recipes, easy shortcuts and ways to make familiar recipes healthier without sacrificing the great taste.
Often-overlooked back-to-school danger: Tips to pack safer lunches
Parents can pack safer school lunches by following these food-handling and packing tips.
Learn what the experts know about canned food [Infographic]
Think you know what the experts know about canned food? Find out in this infographic.
Learn more about the smoothie sensation sweeping the nation [Infographic]
What makes smoothies so great? Find out in this infographic.
The equation for stronger performance in school begins with a better breakfast
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially for students embarking on a learning adventure. But not all breakfast foods are created equal.
5 dietary habits of healthy kids
With so much information available about kids' nutrition - what to eat, how to supplement and more - it's hard to get a firm grasp on what it takes to raise a healthy child. Here's some important expert insight.
Dinnerware bursts with color for fall entertaining
The autumn leaves bursting into vibrant colors signal a new season for home entertaining. If you need a little inspiration, look no further than your favorite outdoor spot to update your table setting for fall 2014.
Perfecting the holiday dinner party
Hosting a memorable dinner party can be as easy as five simple steps.
How to get your kids to eat the food you've prepared
Many children go through picky eating stages, and parents typically need to be a bit creative to get them to consume a well-balanced diet.
Fun twists for festive fall recipes
This season, look for fun ways to put a twist on your favorite recipes, or try new recipes to bring some seasonal flavors into your home.
Why a powerhouse breakfast should always include eggs [Infographic]
Skip the morning energy crash and opt for sustained energy from nutritious eggs for breakfast.
Dress up your dinner party this season: table makeover tips to entertain in colorful style
Want your next dinner party to "wow" guests? Take these tips for what a well-dressed table is wearing.
Tips to get the recommended amount of fruit in your daily diet
No one questions that fruit is an essential part of the diet. But did you know that more than 70 percent of Americans do not eat the recommended amount of fruit?
5 sanity-saving secrets to balance school and fun this holiday season
Keep the school year going strong with these easy tips.
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